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Nissan Skyline GTR (R33) Colour Price list Features Specs and Conceptual Design

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Skyline R33 :

With 4675mm of length and 1360mm of height, the R33 is not only longer and higher than the R32, but with 1780mm also wider than the latter. And it looks that - the R33 has a much wider stance, and in all looks much more impressive than its predecessor. It is rounder, too,

with a design that appears more balanced and beautiful than the previous one's.

The front's look remains aggressive, although less edgy than before. There are still all those scoops within the front bumper, which makes sense, since the RB26DETT wants to be cooled as before. Even though, everything looks more mature. The Skyline has got rid of its end-80's-boy-racer style and looks more of a piece now than the R32.

The side and rear enhance this impr-ession. Apart from the rear wing, additional side sills and slightly wider wheel-housings for the 245/45 ZR17 tires, there is not much to distinguish the GT-R from the standard coupe. These applications don't disturb the design, though, but support the GT-R's sportive appearance.

The Engine & Transmission :

The R33 keeps the RB26DETT engine from the R32 GT-R. The power is still the same with an official 280hp (206kw) at 6800rpm, although inofficially it is ass-umed to be around 302hp. Increased peak turbo-boost of 0.84bar, an improved intercooler and changed computer control parameters make for a higher torque of 375Nm (271 lb-ft) at 4400rpm. As usual, power is deployed via the 5-speed Getrag gearbox and ATTESA-ETS to all four wheels.

The Suspension :

The rear-suspension's travel is increased and the suspension anchor points have been stiffened all around. Cornering is further improved by Super-HICAS which now also features front and rear yaw rate control.

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