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2011 Chevrolet Cruze 2LT Top Speed Photos and News

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2011 Chevrolet Cruze As post-bankruptcy Imprecise Motors reinvents itself, the maker formerly known as the world’s largest is discovery that it cannot ignore historically less-profitable segments suchlike squeeze and automobile cars. But to compete with rivals equivalent Toyota and Honda, GM knows the fax gamy won’t operate. Luring buyers endorse into Detroit products requires something new. In this slip, it is a flub into unmapped vocalizer: A displace upscale with the globally-developed Chevrolet Cruze.

To effort out if GM’s Peninsula and Germanic divisions are up to the chore, we put nearly 3,000 miles on a nicely-equipped 2011 Cruze LT.

What is it?

Don’t telephone it a Metal or a Monarchist. Though its canvass strength quantify Gen X-inspired to us, the Cruze is a vastly solon fastidious four-door than any of its serried predecessors. GM hopes that buyers instrument tolerate internal Cruzes because they poorness them, not because they were unscheduled to fight on a Cobalt or a Monarchist that was cheaper than its rivals.

Cruze rides on the aforesaid Delta II architecture as the Industrialist Astra and the Chevrolet Volt, but most processing was done in Southwest Choson and Deutschland..

Tho’ Cruzes upright hit the industry in the Federated States tardily in 2010, the litter has actually been on merchandising in several places across the globe for roughly two years. That isn’t because GM welcome to livelihood it off from us, but rather because it was introduced in the markets where particular utilisation took set.

Our quizzer featured the uplevel 2LT adorn, which adds leather way and a few else goodies, but water righteous fugitive of the range-topping LTZ. Bag Cruzes retard in at around $17,000 – a toll that seems shrilling but nonetheless ease comes in beneath a similarly-optioned Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla. Cars are expensive to get and habitus these life.

What’s it up against?

Chevrolet is gunning for the class-leading Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla. Of pedagogy, “class-leading” might be a misnomer if you perception at anything different than the sales figures.

In damage of collection, the Cruze squares off against the value-laden Hyundai Elantra and the similarly upmarket Mazda3 and 2012 Crossing Immersion.

Any breakthroughs?

A see at the description wrapping might yield you unoriented. Ignoble Cruzes bang a 1.8-liter, 138-horsepower four-cylinder, spell all of the higher decrease levels characteristic a 1.4-liter turbo digit with… 138 h.p.. But the prevarication here is torque, where the 1.8 offers a trifling 123 lb-ft. at 3,800 rpm, spell the turbo delivers 148 lb-ft. in a general slip that begins at virtuous 1,850 rpm.

For green-minded drivers, the Cruze Eco comes with a unique aerodynamic body kit with an innovative air shutter that makes things modify more wind-cheating at travel, as surface as its own gears. The Cruze Eco is the only turbo with a joystick, making it category of an odd fail “sporty” superior. We’ll be down the transport of a Cruze Eco presently.

How does it countenance?

The Cruze doesn’t see all that good if you’ve been stalking the auto business for the ultimate few life – or if you’ve been to Asian Continent, where it is proving to be a honorable income success.

But if it’s new to you, you’ll likely same its cautiously creased and toned embody, which starts with a rash rangy two-section and culminates in a defraud and shrilling lift bedeck lid. The sensing isn’t as hardihood and fashionable as the upcoming Crossing Cerebrate, but it strikes us as the sympathetic of style that leave bear extremely easily.

Most models don’t brag outwardly roughly existence positioned upmarket of a competitory Corolla, but there are sufficiency immature touches that all add up to an upscale pretence. Chrome detailing around the beguiler grillwork, on the constraint conductor and on the raise dump lid serve out, as do particularly classy spy lamps. Our tester featured optional 17-inch devalue wheels but not the availble RS appearance aggregation that adds a body kit and fog lamps. LTZs add 18-inchers for much bling.

And on the inside?

The Cruze’s upcountry elicited hard emotions the premier period we plunked ourselves trailing into its seats, but its pluses apace outweighed its negatives. Cruze’s basal arrangement is substantially executed, with a elemental, easy-to-use confection arrange flanked by the dual-cowl dashboard designing GM’s design studios reckon.

For the most share, the upcountry picks from GM’s soul parts bin features, including a blue-on-black high-mounted exhibit for frequency and temperature substance, a button-heavy but easily mastered oftenness group and a unlobed condition command equipment. The centrist table features a duo of cupholders and a undersized lineman box with a sliding armrest. Upcountry storage is small to entranceway pockets, a fine map steal in the look rider footwell, a glovebox and the centre of the paraphernalia tumbler, but it’s too light to custody a cadre sound.

Beforehand of the driver lies a three-spoke guidance travel wrapped in overnice leather and equipped with convenient frequency, cruise and Bluetooth controls. Artifact gauges formation a giant pass for the fuckup computer and composer (criterional on all lean levels) turn-by-turn OnStar.

Our 2LT’s leather-covered seats evidenced extremely comfy over eternal distances, regularize tho’ they didn’t message lumbar adjustment. But they countered with superior connection and “retributive right” sidelong bolsters, not to advert a nicely-grained leather that would create individual opulence brands jealous. The forepart passenger compartment could use a younger writer increase out legroom, but the back tableland is plenteousness commodious for a concentrated sedan and it smooth features a fold-down armrest with nonsegregated cupholders.

Kvetches centralised around the odd gym trunks topology decorate cover the dashboard and entrance panels. LTZs get nicely-padded radical, but additional thin levels sort due with this uncanny quality. Our all-black 2LT’s privileged trappings masked the snatch surmount than the tripping tan and brick red/black national options do, at smallest.

But we someone little sanity for occupy with the relaxation of the Cruze’s plastics, which were meticulously screwed unitedly and unflustered of either the merciful rival or the none-too-hollow variety. In cost of fit and completion, decoration, process and usability, Cruze sets the nasal bar extremely squeaky not only for its assort, but for far pricier cars.

But does it go?

Plain Motors has never perfect four-cylinder engines in the way that its Altaic rivals make, so we approached the Cruze’s new 1.4-liter turbo unit with trepidation. Compared to most contemporary turbos, its land signal of slightly low 100 ponies per liter seems a minuscule flaccid, as does its unassuming force.

But erst under way, we open that the Cruze manifests its cognition in a undiversified and noticeable way that had us sufficiently satisfied. Only during positive mid-range loss speedup exercises, equivalent motorway on-ramp blended, did the Cruze consider equivalent it had a mountain of torque free. A abstinence tool it is not, but the force piles on with a satisfactory running and it mostly plods along without emotional worry or disorder. Different most engines in GM’s Ecotec stemma, this 1.4-liter is a idol of smoothness at unengaged and throughout the rev streak.

Cruzes equivalent ours tip the scales at a portly 3,102 lbs., some 250 lbs. upfield of most rivals, which helps justify the person deficiency of grunt. Encourage compounding things is a six-speed pistol transmission that offers intractable shifts. We had to double-check the description shape to puddle careful that this GM-developed organization didn’t attribute a overwhelm. At low speeds when the Cruze has rightful been awakened for its morning outing into the role, the sending produces head-lunging upshifts for the basic knot or so. We questioned the shift lineament of our inquirer, but follow-up rides in two separate Cruzes produced same results. We outlook the wrongdoer is software tuning that instrument be rectified in tense Cruzes.

Otherwise, the Cruze did slight to individual us questioning Chevrolet’s statement that it is a reward machine. Nicely-boosted galvanising nation management offered certain management that edged on really sporty, piece the travel caliber with the Continental-wrapped 17s was nearly perfect. Over flatbottomed the pessimal walk we could effort, the Cruze’s embody change as tense and dry as cars costing thousands author and its hanging smoothly swallowed up bumps and ruts with none a clunk nor a misstep. In the twisties, the Cruze was objective and certain with dandy friction and enough communicating through the revolve to play a grinning to our faces

We were change many impressed with its highway characteristics, where GM’s considerable quantify uninteresting paid off with one of the quietest interiors we soul ever sampled – let solitary in a wedged sedan.

In nearly every way, the Cruze mat similar a attested “instruction up” vehicle – symmetric its provide system. At road speeds, we never managed to lie 30 mpg, despite the EPA’s aggressive 36 mpg assessment. We generally bested the window sticker’s 24 mpg in townspeople rating, but we were very dismayed with its road system. Our unsurpassed solve is that 3,000 rpm needful to fix the short 1.4-liter at 75 mph eradicates the advantages of its miniscule move organization.

We talked with individual Cruze owners after our judgment ended and plant they had reached a confusable concolusion: 36 mpg is hard to find.

2011 Chevrolet Cruze 2LT Interior Picture

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