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2011 Ferrari 599 GTO Sport Cars Price Specification Rebates Colours Top Speed and Review2011 Ferrari 599 GTO Sport Cars Price Specification Rebates Colours Top Speed and Review

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So you think the hottest Ferrari Enzo road with them? Listen, we have an update. Not a new standard in Maranello. Is not as outrageous as the Enzo, but it is more efficient, more sophisticated, flexible, and even faster. Ferrari calls it “the most extreme sports cars” ever produced. This company, which is an excellent starting point for almost every new project, which is saying something.
Ferrari Challenge (also, you know, is automotive engineering) to choose a name for the beast, which is based on the 599GTB Fiorano. There is much to visually define the new car apart from the building management, aero parts just to broadcasters more aggressive front and rear air, air flow and several other key management  add twice the speed support of the “regular” 599.
The brain trust company looked at the hall of the immortals Ferrari and found the 1962-64 GTO, and resurrect the name made sense. (Influence Less than half of twin-turbo motor V-8 GTO 1984, which was based on the 308.) And 599GTO born.
Although much has changed since 1962, there are basic similarities between the rebirth of this legendary origin. Both cars are front engine, rear-drive designs, and both have excellent weight distribution, with most of the mass of the powertrain horse behind the front axle shaft. The two small sport upkick aerodynamic trunk lid, which is described as “Nolde”. Both cars are powered by aluminum V-12 engines, and both produce sounds convincingly that the towers rising into the red. But of course, is a little more muscle behind the courtyard entrance of exhaust 599GTO crescendos.

Powered by six Weber carburetors dual throat carburetors remember?-The 3.0-liter SOHC V-12 that prompted the original GTO was rated at 300 hp at 7400 rpm and 250 lb.-ft. of torque. Energy supply through a manual five-speed rear axle with limited slip in life, he was capable of a race by 5.8 seconds at 60 km / h and a maximum speed of 144 mph.
It was very warm in the 60′s and not exactly slow, even today. However, it has grown to what happens when you set manettino the new car (the steering wheel mounted controls a number of vehicle functions, such as traction control and levels of stability and change in response) to “race” (the average position of five) and call all the horses under the hood of 599GTO.
There are 661 horses on hand for this version of the 599 V-12, against 612 in 599GTB and they come quickly to the call. As the engine howls its way to its peak 8400 rpm, you’re crushed in the bucket seat racing style to any gear in the six-speed transmission gives an extra boost.
To minimize things, the higher gears are quick. Manettino establishment of a career or more, manual or automatic clutch only takes only 60 milliseconds to switch from one train to another, according to Ferrari. They are two times faster than the response in the gearbox GTB Fiorano, and beyond the speed of the hand of any man holding a traditional textbook.
The shift paddles dimensions that are attached to the steering column rather than rotating with the wheel, making the activation cog swaps pure joy, and you find yourself wishing that there was a little more speed. At the upper end of the sixth, flat, GTO trip a little more than 208 mph, then perhaps there is enough speed anyway. Ferrari offers a time of 0 to 62 mph in 3.35 seconds, faster than the Enzo. After considering the power, mass, moon phase and position of the planets, our tech man expected something a little faster, at 3.1 seconds after the GTB Fiorano, we tested in September 2008 did the sprint 3.3 .
The power increase in GTB GTO has been achieved largely through improved intake and exhaust flow, this carefully controlled to emit sounds that are louder and much more nourishing for the mind tifosi. The howls of GTO full discussion: Fantastico!
Other elements of the GTO V-12 include a new 180-degree (flat) design with roller crank designed to turn more freely, comprehensive friction-reducing measures that Ferrari says make 12 percent more efficient than BMS V-12, and improved digital control ignition, which monitors and adjusts each combustion event. Surprisingly, the profiles of the cam overlap is unchanged. It may seem difficult to produce a car that starts now be limited to 599 copies, but most of the work was already done for the more radical 599XX, a street-legal car with no pretensions to that either. XX In the seats, Ferrari’s engineers have managed to extract hp V-12 720. The elements of this transformation is compatible with modern emission standards have been used in the GTO project.

However, fast and powerful are the features you’d expect a car wearing a floor of the GTO badge. What you might not wait to see how passionate and forgivingly, this latest GTO is true that the power and speed of a particular stretch of straight lines and curves. The basic mechanism of dynamic update, than the standard 599GTB Fiorano and aggressive treatment of Gran Turismo Evolution (HGTE) version is one of the stiffer springs and heavier rear sway bar. We are taking even longer. Ferrari estimates that about 1.25 grams, thanks to the larger contact patch 285/30 front and 315/35 rear Michelin tire of a new compound. These Super Sport Pilot a bit sticky that a very sticky Pilot Sport Cup.
A combination of grip, the standard (and larger) carbon-ceramic discs and Brembo four new ceramic pieces are a great stopping power, was in the ABS should overwhelm the driver rings. During our visit, the Italian high-speed Mugello track 3.1 miles, a couple of test driver managed to jump on the brake pedal hard enough, and sufficiently high speed to get ABS threshold. This author has never been in danger of having this happen, although I do not feel my eyes trying to come off during a couple of episodes of sudden braking.
As the 599GTB, a series of self-regulation magnetorheological dampers offer a ride quality remarkably precise damping, and amazingly comfortable on public roads. But the factor that allows this sum supercar extraordinary ease of use as well the GTO manages its driver at high speeds through the five options offered by the rotary knob (Italian for “little hand”) that make small wheel-installed government in the lower right for the center.
As mentioned, the controller regulates the traction control, stability control and change in response. Its lowest position is for adverse conditions. Depending on the sport, raising the threshold of stability control significantly. In the race, the threshold is even higher, and the length of time is reduced to only 60 thousandths of a second magic. The next step aside traction control, and the final position will stop any kind of electronic assistance. The last step is for those who are, indeed, courageous and talented, but also hold the title of the car. I certainly do not qualify for the final game, then I am content to move the fourth manettino click my last set of laps. At this level, the system provides much more move before it comes into play, but she finally step in and restore some order.
The 599GTO is a well-balanced, almost as willing to change direction as the mid-engined F430 or 430 Scuderia. There is a slight hint of understeer, easy to fix with the accelerator, if management is not as tactile some sports cars is as precise as a surgical tool. All this adds up to a machine sports a very high order, which recently snatched Ferrari lap record car production at its test track of 1.9 miles of the Enzo Fiorano, turning in a time of 1:24.0 1: 25.0 front.

Based in the get-599GTB Fiorano is almost $ 317,000. Adding the cost of the package HGTE just over $ 30,000. But it still leaves a bit 599GTO over 100 grand in your pocket, priced at $ 450,000. Does this sound high? Enzo was approximately $ 200,000 in the north, and 29 copies of the 599XX went to $ 1,500,000 each. What are the possible 599 GTO owners are waiting for a supercar that is the software and the magic of a car like the Nissan GT-R, but without the passion and precision of the robot without a head. GTO shall ensure that the driver detects a degree of driving comfort, but his soul is omnipresent.

However, if the name is not on the list come from owners that these concerns do not apply to you. All 599 copies have already been booked. If this sounds like a preference, consider that none of the Ferrari to start pregnancy without the owner’s name to build a sheet and that the company began to invite carefully selected opportunities to visit the headquarters of the GTO, in early January . So, yes, it is more or less favoritism.

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