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2012 Ford Police Interceptor Sedan Review Sport Cars Review Photo Price Specification Feature Rebates and Top Speed

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

For some, it seems that Ford Crown Victoria was the only car we most feared of our mirrors of our lives driving together. Although the private sale of Crown Vic ended in 2008, fleet sales to read “police” will continue until 2011. So after 15 years of work, the Crown Vic to retire to a life stirred obsessively mow the grass, trying to interest me in the kitchen, and relentlessly nagging his wife to dust mites in the lounge.

In 2012, although there will be a new sheriff (cruiser) in the city. It will be a broad-based, even if we think Ford’s total avoidance of the word “Toro”, the presentation of the new Police Interceptor, as it is called. unconfidence vote is a full-size sedan? Instead, the company has repeatedly referred to as “built for the” Police Interceptor. It is not. Think about it "fit for “purpose changed”.
As the Taurus in which it is based, the Police Interceptor offers a choice of V-6: a naturally aspirated 3.5-liter V-6 and a turbocharged 3.5-liter V-6 EcoBoost. Both are committed to producing more energy at the police base their civilian forms of enhanced engine 265 hp to 365 for bi-turbo EcoBoost. N / a motor offered the choice of front-or all-wheel drive, while the EcoBoost will be available only with AWD. Ford says the all-wheel drive sport fit only for the treatment more predictable and better dynamic performance but not share details about what this means. Taurus SHO with which it shares its powertrain turbo interceptor police and shown a surprising balance for weight, so we suspect that the system configuration is not unique.
What is going to be quite unique within the Conference of the Parties of Taurus, which is said to be up to 90 percent in the new interceptor. There is a lever on the column of six-speed automatic, unlike the console-mounted gear nonpurpose Bulls built. The front seats have the lowest strengthen removed to create a flat belts managers of public services. The center console is the same width as the Crown Victoria cruise, the better to facilitate the adaptation of equipment under the new car. The roll bars are often called anti-roll bars “or” stab bars, but the IP “anti-stab plate”. They come in the back of the front seats, not so much to alter the suspension to prevent passengers equipped Shiv back to stab the officers on the front. To facilitate loading and unloading of PERP backdoors have been modified to open an additional 10 degrees, for a total of 71st Supermarket parking dings door, across America, we hope this change will be a development of the police alone.

Other changes to the Public improvements include regular police car brakes, suspension and electrical systems and cooling. The braking system is new rotors and calipers to an improvement of 60 percent in the scanned area, an upgrade, we hope to make his way SHO daily. Unspecified improvements means Taurus is now limited to eight inches to 40 km / h, which should benefit both the police and the drunks, they are pursuing. Myriad electrical improvements begins with a 220-amp alternator (about 40 percent above average for a sedan of this size) and includes many improvements son to make it easier for municipalities to join the various tools used in police cars. Engine cooling enhanced by the addition of a radiator with about twice the cooling capacity of the average full-size sedan. (Could not the cops have lost their freshness.) Despite all the extras, Ford says fuel economy with the base V-6 will be an improvement of 25 percent over the Crown Vic. But when we identify Crown Vic, the improvement of less than 7000 percent is a bit of a disappointment. The EcoBoost V-6 will still beat Vic to the front of fuel economy, although Ford would not say how much.
Only the police can connect their computer Toro Police Interceptor console, but the computing power of a cruiser myself amped up, too. Standard equipment includes a blind-spot warning, cross-traffic, low speed situations, and a camera and sensors to support the withdrawal. ballistic door panels on a voluntary basis.

Ford says that in the last five years, has maintained its top 70 percent of the market police, and expects that attaches to that share. To help achieve this goal, Dearborn police vehicle is allowed to use this same platform, which he announced the third quarter of 2010. I bet it would be a future version of Explorer, but we’d like to see Flex police wagon, too.

Ford says it has worked closely with police across the country in preparing this car, but it is a claim made by each manufacturer to introduce a new cruiser today, and we have doubts as to whether if Ford can maintain its dominance in this market. The last major police cruiser front wheel drive, Chevrolet Impala, was poorly received and plagued by reliability problems facing the stresses of police work. With the Dodge Charger is now like a great opportunity for the police, let alone the next PPV Chevrolet Caprice Ford may be in the unenviable and unusual among the lowest in the competitive market of the police. We’ll see if the production of an interceptor police Taurus starts at the end of 2011.

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