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President of America Obama Barack Car Specs Price Facts Videos and Review

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Brief information collected by Current Blips Car.

Car Name :

Price : 
Although a price tag has not been announced, there is a rumor that each limousine costs US$300,000.


  • Wheels are fitted with run flat tires that makes the vehicle drivable for a certain period of time if punctured.
  • The doors weigh as much as a Boeing 757 airplane cabin door. 
  • The engine is equipped with a Eaton Twin Vortices Series 1900 supercharger system.
  • Kept in the trunk is a blood bank of the President's blood type. 
  • The limo is equipped with a driver's enhanced video system which allows the driver to operate in an infrared smoke environment. This driver's enhanced video system also contains bumper mounted night vision cameras for operation in pitch black conditions.
  • Interestingly, there are no key hole in the doors. A special trick, known only to Secret Service agents, is required to gain access to the passenger area.

Pictures :

A front video of obama's limo

 A side view of the limousine.

Videos :

Obama's car gets stuck at US Embassy

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