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Vancouver authorities seize $2M in cars for street racing

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Authorities in Vancouver have impounded a total of 13 exotic cars valued at more than $2 million after the drivers were spotted reportedly street racing. Amongst others, the collection included a pair of Maserati models and a pair of Mercedes-Benz coupes, a few examples of the mighty Nissan GT-R, an Audi R8, one Ferrari and a stack of Lamborghini models. Here's the full list:

The vehicles were spotted rolling along at around 125 miles per hour with two drivers holding up traffic to give the other exotics some space to stretch their legs. Police eventually cornered the racers and began impounding their vehicles. Each driver was cited for driving without due consideration of others.

If all of this weren't strange enough for you, The Vancouver Sun reports that all of the cited drivers were under 20 years old, with most displaying N, or Novice licenses. Summer jobs must pay considerably more than they used to. The vehicles will all be impounded for seven days and the drivers will face a fine of $196 each. Check out our image gallery, then head over to for a look at a gallery of the cars being towed off into the sunset.

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Image Credit: RCMP Photo


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